Beth Feigenbaum’s Cabbage Soup

I love cabbage.  Perhaps it’s because it takes me back to my parent’s kitchen and the smell of stuffed cabbage permeating the air.  Or the sauteed cabbage and caramelized onions that were mixed with broad noodles, slightly sweet and oh, so good.  So imagine my delight in finding Beth Feigenbaum’s Cabbage Soup featured in this week’s New York Times food story on the Temporary Vegetarian (a new feature):

Zoe Feigenbaum, executive chef at The National on the Lower East Side, says cabbage’s ubiquity hurts its reputation. “Because it’s so plentiful and accessible and cheap, people seek things that are more rare and glamorous, like artichokes, morels and kabocha squash,” she said.

At the restaurant, she pays homage to her late grandmother, Beth Feigenbaum, who served her stuffed cabbage with a sweet-and-sour sauce made of tomatoes, brown sugar, lemon juice, raisins, tomatoes and ketchup. Ms. Feigenbaum transforms her grandmother’s sauce into a cabbage soup with a deeply traditional Jewish flavor.”

Try it in all it’s steamy goodness.


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